Foodie Garden Grow Kit – Rucola

Once regarded as only fit for animal feed Rucola, (Rocket, or Ruchetta) is a Mediterranean plant that has been a staple part of this region’s cuisine for thousands of years.

Roman poets claimed the peppery leaf had aphrodisiacal properties, and it’s popularity has waxed and waned in various countries over the years.

The current appreciation of  „Foodie Culture‘ in more affluent countries means that it now is equally at home in hi-end restaurants and in fast food pizza parlours.

These Foodie Garden grow kits just need water, warmth and light. They can be started indoors and later transplanted to a balcony or garden.

They are the perfect present for experienced, or novice gardeners.

The kit comes with simple visual instructions and everything you need to start your own Rucola plantation.




Noted is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of unusual and intelligent gifts. They make activity sets,  art resources and are especially good at designer plant kits. Their products appeal to all ages and make thoughtful gifts. Founded in 2004, Noted works with designers and manufacturers all over the world especially Japan, the source of a number of Noted’s unique products.

Gewicht 0.150 kg
Größe 12 × 12 × 10 cm


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